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Jannah is worth every fall, every tear drop and every hardship. (via moeyhashy)

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In a marriage, one should forget about falling in love. Falling is never a good thing. Love as we know it (from our romantic notions) is simply another word for physical attraction. It lasts usually for a couple of years and then starts to decrease. Since you want your marriage to last a lot longer than that, it is a good idea to focus on respect which will grow into love. Not falling into but growing into. What does that mean? It means that 25 years after you have been married every time you look at your spouse you fall in love all over again. Growing in love means evolving a common language of looks, signals and words that only you two can understand. It is almost magical to see it work. I wish it for all those who read this. That is heaven on earth. So it is respect, honor and dignity that result in love. This love is where your spouse will stand up for you and defend you, never laugh at you in public, be considerate of your faults and hide them and be focused on the many good things that you bring to the marriage. This love means that she/he will not complain about the difficulties that may happen along the way but will work with you to overcome them and stand in the night and cry before Allah and ask for His intervention. This is the person who will never leave your side as long as you live and will pray for your forgiveness when you are gone. In my experience this is the only person who you can rely on to do it, for all others will forget after a while. (via islamicrays)

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Have you ever had a bad dream that not really a nightmare but that just has you mad at the world when you wake up even though none of it actually happened

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